Muqdisho Hope Center

Organizational Chart

The Hope Center’s Organization chart is as follows


The Board consist of 19 persons who are the Sponsors of the Hope Center. They will be responsible for the policy formulated, strategy and financing of the orphanage. An advisory committee made up of experienced, dynamic, and resourceful persons who will properly articulate the vision and mission of the orphanage as well as guide the trustees in performing their duties effectively with be established


Members consist of well and respected and experienced community and spiritual leaders. The committee will draw up the selection criteria that best suit the Mugdisho environment. Thereafter all intakes must be approved by the committee

The will be responsible for the administrative duties and making sure that the Center runs smoothly. He or she will ensure that the resources employed are utilized effectively by providing the best education, training and support to the girls. He or she will be active in making on-going improvements to the services being offered to the girls.


The Coordinator will be a trained, experienced teacher as well as administrator/educationist. He or she will be incharge of planning the academic curriculum and selecting teachers who can implement the curriculum. He or she will have to be someone who can conduct assemblies, manage administrative duties, as well as teach moral science. He or she will have an office where all important documents are kept (e.g. attendance registers, files, admission charts, inventories and records etc).


The Matron/Nurse will be a trained experienced Nurse, who will be incharge of the center’s sick bay. She will be involved in selecting house mothers who look after the young girls. While she will be a mother, friend, counselor and guide to the children, she will also be firm and strict regarding discipline, punctuality and rules.

The house mother has a crucial role in an orphanage as she will have tremendous influence over young and malleable minds of the children. She will be a warm, loving, tender mother for the orphaned girls. They will trust her and have faith in her like a real “mother”. Being the source of strength and inspiration, she will have the vital role of instilling faith in the girls’ hearts.


There will be teachers who will come in and teach subjects, including Math, Science, English and Arabic Languages.


Although family-based care and support is the ideal choice that gives the orphan girls basic physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs, we believe Mugdisho’s case is a little different from other countries. Our analysis of the situation on ground requires a hybrid approach to achieve the best desired results.

The overall objective is to ensure the orphaned and vulnerable girls enjoy: -

  1. Education                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Education is an important requirement for the complete development of a child. The center will provide girls with opportunities for emotional support, interaction with other girls and the development of social networks. Education can also reduce vulnerability to poverty, and HIV through increasing knowledge, awareness, skills and opportunity.
  2. Care and Support                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Care and support include provision of material and non-material support to meet basic physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs of orphans and vulnerable children. This include provision for basic needs, such as clothing, shelter, emotional support, hygienic environment and recreation as well as life-building skill ( for instance self esteem, negotiation skills, and so on) for the girls to meet the challenges of life.

3. Project Achievement Matrix

The project shall be implemented in three phases as depicted by this matrix on the right.

  1. Stage One:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Entry age shall be between 6 to 10 years. After fulfilling all the selection requirement, a place will be provided for her at the Hope Center boarding facility. Since this is the critical child formation stage, lot of work is required hence the need to be closely monitored and protected in a boarding facility environment. The House Mothers will be responsible to provide love and care to all girls with a view to building and boosting their morale and confidence. The child will undergo a six year learning program and graduate to join the second stage.
  2. Stage Two:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A family home will be identified and selected for the girl to live with and continue her education. The family will be supported by Hope Center. She will be enrolled in a high school near to her new home by the Hope Center with all school fees paid. The Center will monitor and review on a quarterly basis both domestic and academic environment with a view to taking early remedies if any.
  3. Stage Three:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         After high school graduation, the girls are encouraged to further their education to colleges and universities. Hope Center will assist in finding appropriate school for these girls.  These young women are now at liberty to either stay with their existing families or leave to any family of their choice. The Center will support them in finding scholarships to enable them achieve their dream.                                            Our Hope is that any girl that grow up in this supportive, educational and nurturing environment, will ultimately become integral, confident, productive and contributing members of society.